Global financial crisis has negatively affected investments held in Equity, Bonds, Stocks, Vintage cars and even in fine Art and Investors have lost money world over. On contrary the Global Financial Crisis does not have a material impact on global sports events. We give investors an opportunity to Investment Economy proof, non-correlated investment alternative which offer superior returns to traditional Investments such as bonds, stocks and property. We follow what a renowned investor, Warren Buffet said “Invest in what you know”. Burnsons Global Private Investments knows sports.

How to we work?

From an investment perspective Burnsons Global Private Limited:

  1. Try to Mirror the successful processes used in financial markets. A team of analysts and traders utilize sorts specific algorithms analyzing statistics and probability based investments that help to establish the intrinsic value of an event.
  2. Once this is understood the team then looks for value in the global sports investment markets and either Back (“LONG”) or Lay (“SHORT”). 
  3. When any trade is made Burnsons Global Investments utilize stop loss order and other hedging techniques to ensure risk management parameters are adhered to.

Does Burnsons Global Private Limited Gamble or Invest?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions about our sports investments portfolio. One can call it gambling if they apply the same terms that average investment firms do when they are trading currencies and other commodities. We also don’t think that “Gambling” should be a term exclusively linked to the sports investments markets. Gambling takes place in traditional investments. Global Financial Crisis of 2008 was catalyzed by:

  • Reckless trading in CFDs, CDOs, CDSs and other instruments
  • Poor risk Management
  • Speculation and gambling

We approach any trade with measured risk-reward analysis that is grounded in statistical data, market information and is devoid of emotion. Furthermore, investments are only made when there is clear value in the selected trade.

One of the key advantages of trading in the sports investment market is the volume of current and historical information present and readily accessible and much more transparent when compared to other asset classes.


We are pioneering the development of a new asset class in the bourgeoning sports investment market a market that will exceed 5 trillion US$ in few years. If you wish to invest in us please don’t hesitate to contact us.